🀩Why Linea?

A Few Reasons Why Our Team is Bullish on Linea

The recent launch of Linea, a zero-knowledge rollup solution by ConsenSys, has introduced a compelling alternative to existing Layer 2 scaling solutions.

With Linea gaining traction in the Ethereum ecosystem, it is worth exploring why migrating projects to Linea Chain can be a favorable decision.

This chapter will highlight the benefits of Linea, including its zkEVM compatibility, the ConsenSys backing, and its superior developer tools, which make it a promising choice for developers and project owners.

zkEVM: Zero-knowledge Rollups

One of the key advantages of Linea is its implementation of zkEVM. Zero-knowledge rollups, like Linea, utilize zero-knowledge proofs to validate transactions, reducing data storage and processing requirements on the Ethereum blockchain. We firmly believe that zk-proofs will be the backbone of all blockchains in future and would like to position ourselves accordingly. The zkEVM compatibility allows Linea to maintain compatibility with Ethereum’s existing developer tools and programming languages, enabling a seamless transition for projects looking to migrate. This compatibility ensures that developers can leverage their existing knowledge and resources, saving time and effort in adapting to a new ecosystem.

Consensys Backing Linea

Another compelling factor supporting the migration to Linea is the backing of ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software company behind MetaMask, Infura, Linea, Truffle, and Diligence. ConsenSys has a strong track record in the industry, contributing to the development of Ethereum and fostering innovation within the ecosystem. The company’s involvement with Linea provides credibility and assurance of ongoing support and updates, which is crucial for the long-term viability and success of any project. Consensys is undoubtedly one of the major contributors to the development of Ethereum infrastructure if not the biggest and with the wealth of knowledge and connections in the space they have, it is almost a guarantee that the Linea will be a success.

Advanced Developing tools

Linea also offers better developer tools, making it an attractive choice for project migration. ConsenSys has been actively involved in the development of robust and user-friendly tools for Ethereum developers, and Linea benefits from this expertise. The availability of comprehensive developer tools simplifies the development and deployment process, reducing friction and enabling developers to focus on building innovative solutions rather than grappling with technical challenges. This streamlined development experience can significantly accelerate project timelines and improve overall efficiency.


HorizonDEX has strategically chosen Linea as its foundation for several compelling reasons. By leveraging Linea's zkRollup technology powered by ConsenSys' zkEVM, we position ourselves as the primary liquidity hub for Linea. Our goal is to drive Linea's growth and facilitate its widespread adoption, ultimately leading to mainstream recognition.

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