🎯Vision: HorizonDEX is on a mission to become Linea’s primary liquidity hub.

Phase 1: R&D For DEX

Conceptual Phase: Through a thorough examination of standard Uniswap-V2 models and the challenges they presented, the idea of a concentrated liquidity DEX emerged. During this conceptual phase, we closely monitored the progress of Linea's development and identified its immense potential, which ultimately led us to select this platform as the ideal foundation for our project. Market Study & Planning: During the market study and planning phase, we conducted extensive research to address the challenges of DEXs like low price impact, low capital efficiency, low flexibility, impermanent loss, low trading volume etc. Delving deep into these issues, we strategically formulated plans to enhance and seamlessly integrate them into HorizonDEX. Through extensive research, we conducted an in-depth analysis of various DEXs that are currently being developed on the Linea platform. By carefully examining the analytics and gaining a thorough understanding, we aimed to identify the key features that are most crucial for user experience. Once the decision was taken, our devs started building the first concentrated liquidity DEX on Linea, HorizonDEX.

Phase 2: Product development and Finishing Docs

Phase 2 promises to be the most dynamic and active stage of our project. During this phase, our team focused on the development of smart contracts, ensuring their robustness and efficiency. Simultaneously, we introduced our incentivized testnet to the market, which received an overwhelming response. Kickoff Incentivized Testnet Campaign Currently, we are conducting the largest incentivized testnet campaign within the Linea ecosystem, attracting numerous participants. It is truly gratifying to witness the rapid growth of our project, as we have garnered significant hype and a substantial +10K following in just a few weeks. Partnerships

During this phase, HorizonDEX forged valuable partnerships with Linea and its various high-potential ecosystem projects. These partnerships were established with the aim of fostering mutual growth and propelling the entire ecosystem to new heights. By collaborating with Linea and its network, we leveraged the strengths and expertise of other Linea ecosystem projects, combining our resources and knowledge to drive innovation and expansion.

Phase 3 : Ready To Launch

Smart Contract Audit Safety is our top most priority, HorizonDEX will undergo three independent security audits to ensure a proper and safe mainnet environment. The audits are currently taking place and will be published as soon as they are finished. In addition, our code is built entirely on Kyberswap Elastic, which has undergone numerous audits with impressive results.

Mainnet Launch In the initial phase of the roadmap, HorizonDEX focuses on building a robust infrastructure and establishing a solid foundation. Phase 3 is brimming with excitements as we prepare to launch our Mainnet in Parallel with the Linea Mainnet. This milestone marks a significant step forward for our project. This launch will not just be an event; it signifies the beginning of a new era in decentralized trading.

Additionally, we have set our sights on securing listings on reputable exchanges, expanding our reach and accessibility to a wider audience. Governance Launch Horizondex is prepared for the upcoming Governance Launch in Phase 3. This milestone brings decentralized decision-making to the platform. Token holders can vote on proposals and stake $HZN tokens for rewards. UX/UI Improvements

As the platform gains traction and expands its user base, it sets the stage for continued innovation and development, based on the feedback from community, HorizonDEX aims to provide a seamless and efficient trading experience by working on UX/UI.

Phase 4 : Expansion

HorizonDEX Team will aggressively focus on Expansion and other 💎Milestones to achieve during phase 4 🔸Analytical Dashboard 🔸Bridge Integration 🔸Post Launch Development and Support 🔸Additional Swapping Features 🔸Build More Ecosystem Partners 🔸Improving Our Products Roadmap currently a work in progress. Keep in mind that it will updated on a daily/weekly basis. Every major Roadmap addition will be communicated on our Social media pages.

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