🎯Our Mission

HorizonDEX is the first Concentrated Liquidity DEX on Linea

HorizonDEX is dedicated to its mission of becoming the predominant liquidity hub of the Linea ecosystem.

HorizonDEX is the first ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX built on Linea. HorizonDEX mission aligns with the mission of Linea.

To accomplish this objective, we will introduce compelling incentive programs that enable users to earn attractive yields on the tokens they prefer.

Our overarching goal is straightforward yet impactful: to drive the growth of Linea and establish a foundation that facilitates mainstream adoption of DEFI

Community Governance

The concept of community governance holds significant influence in driving adoption, and the growing significance of novel product development approaches is particularly crucial within the highly competitive realm of advanced technology.

At HorizonDEX, we possess a strong belief in the transformative potential of DeFi and blockchain technology. Our primary objective is to make DeFi easily accessible to a wide range of individuals, while also extending the advantages of scaled Ethereum to as many people as possible. Additionally, we are committed to driving the mass adoption of zkEVM technology, Ethereum, and Web3

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